Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Using Linux at home

Like I said in an earlier post I use Linux at home 95% of the time. But the things I use Windoze for really annoy me.

  1. Syncing with my Palmone Tungsten C--gpilot, jpilot, kpilot none seem to be able to connect
  2. Downloading off of my Nikon Coolpix2000 Digital camera just won't work yet
  3. Scanning on my HP PSC 1310 all in one printer...does everything else wonderfully
Those are my new projects

These are also the things that can turn a person off of Linux. People have gotten used to things being built for windows and then it just works...or fails miserably and you get the blue screen of death.

I know that there are things I can do with congig files etc to make it work...and i will. and if anyone ever reads this blog they will get to read about it here


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