Friday, September 30, 2005

Beta Testing Opensuse 10

Well havent posted in a few days. Work, home etc getting in the way but it is finally the weekend.

Anyway one project I "attempted" this week was to download and install Opensuse 10 beta.

I used Ktorrent and got it downloaded actually pretty quick. I burned the 5 install Cds and was feeling pretty good about it.

I use a 75 gig hard-drive for linux on my computer. I never wanted to mess with repartitioning the windoze drive. I made a nice 29 gig partition for 10beta and restarted the computer with the install disks in the cd drive.

I rebooted an Yast came up nicely...I picked the installation partition and Yast started moving along perfectly...then

The package installation settings showed an couldn't find any packages on the cds.
I tried all the cds since Yast said they didn't have to be sequential...but no luck.

I stopped the installation and removed the CD...rebooted

And found I couldn't get Linux to boot at all ARRRRRGGGHHHHH

Luckily I used Yast's repair tool and all is well again.

The Opensuse 10 alpha just got relaeased so I am downloaded the torrent now...maybe things will go better

wish me luck


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