Monday, September 05, 2005

Reasons to use Linux in your home

As I have stated before I have used Linux in my home for about half a year now full-time. Experimental years before don't count.

As I went thru an online update with Yast last nite I was going thru my mind what I am getting at low-cost and what it would cost if I used windoze.

  • First thing to note, which is hard to quantify, is peace of mind. I see all the new virus' coming out...all the trojans etc that take down so many computers. And I thankfully sit back and don't worry about it. I don't get spyware...I don't get virus and my computer doesnt slow down after a few weeks of use.
  • All the programs available
  1. Programming--I have several programming languages on my computer...priced those for Win?
  2. Office--What is Microsoft office $150?--Note OOo is avail for win
  3. The Gimp
  4. Audacity

I could go on and on...add what you think is great about Linux in comments plz


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