Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ipod Video will anybody even care in a year???

Apple introduced it's new Ipod video this you all probably know...unless you were in a coma I guess.

Lots of comments out there Jake Jarvis is upset because he bought a nano earlier in the week and would have waited until the video was released to buy.

And there is lots of grumbling about downloading shows and the fact that you can't rip dvds into the ipod (somebody must be working on that hack already).

I think the video portion will end up being a minor side note. While its going to be a "nice to have" I don't see it as a reason to buy an ipod. I seriously doubt it will impact sales at all except for a small bump over the next month or so.

Think about it:

Ipods are bought by people on the go. You don't need video for podcasts...nor would I want it.

I think the fact that the base BIG ipod is now 30 gig will be a yawn


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