Sunday, October 30, 2005

First impressions of Suse 10 alpha 1

Well I've been using 10 alpha for a day or so. It's strictly open source so I had to go find a few packages I use and install them.

Some things I found:

-Tellico doesnt work
-PDF files just disappear so I'm downloading acroread (slow off the ftp server)
-Sound isn't working yet but that may just be me no adjusting it right
-No updates of course

More to come as I continue to tweak and learn

If you've used this I'd love to hear from you

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Updating to Suse Linux 10.0 alpha1

Wow what fun.

If you read down you can see that i've had some problems updating my computer.

I Had made up the CDs (5 of them) a few weeks ago...but wasn't able to update-at the time it looked like I had screwed up the cd burning.

But it wasn't the cds. I had inadvertantly screwed up my reiserfs file system--I think when I was experimenting with kleensweep (really should follow the warnings it gives!!

Any way the install was painless--it does reboot after the first cd whick i thought was wierd but then it proceeded thru the other cds and is working nicely...more to come

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Use gmail as a backup hard drive

Great little website that allows you yo use your gmail account as a hard drive. I needed a backup solution without buying an external hard drive and I find this works great.

Hacking the Griffin iTrip

Neat article @ i-hacked. Hacking the Griffin itrip so you can move more than a few inches from your dashboard. Doesnt look overly tough either

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Making your bike a bit more useful

I am not a treehugger, I don't wear birkenstocks and I really don't even like recycling. But I like this a nice product that makes your bike more useful...hell they use it to carry a beer keg in one photo. A nice extension and load deck for any bicycle.

Great idea especially if you are extra car-challenged and need to run to the parts store if your ride is broke

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

DIY 1 MILLION candle power bicycle lamp

I don't live far from work...couple of miles. 1 of the reasons I stopped was working at night was dangerous on dark streets.

Here's a great DIY LED lamp that really puts out the light.

You could upscale it and use it for tons of things

Monday, October 17, 2005

Tweaking windows tips

Jake Jarvis has a nice link to a site for tweaking windows...if you're still using windows;-)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Why people love the ipod...the beauty is in the interface

We have several ipods in the family...none of them mine. I also have a RCA Lyra mp3 player I use for exercise.

I primarily use mine strictly for running etc, but occasionally I use it to listen to podcasts when I at the kids lessons etc. And it was thru this use I figured out just how well Apple did it when they constructed the ipod interface.

The lyra has a clunky 4 button finger-joystick arrangement I hate. It is nearly inpossible to move easily between folders and you can forget easily picking up where you left off before.

The simple clickwheel on my wife's mini is phenomenal. Ease of navigation is another awesome least the lyra was cheap.

Ipod Video will anybody even care in a year???

Apple introduced it's new Ipod video this you all probably know...unless you were in a coma I guess.

Lots of comments out there Jake Jarvis is upset because he bought a nano earlier in the week and would have waited until the video was released to buy.

And there is lots of grumbling about downloading shows and the fact that you can't rip dvds into the ipod (somebody must be working on that hack already).

I think the video portion will end up being a minor side note. While its going to be a "nice to have" I don't see it as a reason to buy an ipod. I seriously doubt it will impact sales at all except for a small bump over the next month or so.

Think about it:

Ipods are bought by people on the go. You don't need video for podcasts...nor would I want it.

I think the fact that the base BIG ipod is now 30 gig will be a yawn

Sunday, October 09, 2005

You can't say anything bad about a guy who built his own "Robby the Robot"

Nice article about a guy who built his own Robby replica