Friday, September 30, 2005

Beta Testing Opensuse 10

Well havent posted in a few days. Work, home etc getting in the way but it is finally the weekend.

Anyway one project I "attempted" this week was to download and install Opensuse 10 beta.

I used Ktorrent and got it downloaded actually pretty quick. I burned the 5 install Cds and was feeling pretty good about it.

I use a 75 gig hard-drive for linux on my computer. I never wanted to mess with repartitioning the windoze drive. I made a nice 29 gig partition for 10beta and restarted the computer with the install disks in the cd drive.

I rebooted an Yast came up nicely...I picked the installation partition and Yast started moving along perfectly...then

The package installation settings showed an couldn't find any packages on the cds.
I tried all the cds since Yast said they didn't have to be sequential...but no luck.

I stopped the installation and removed the CD...rebooted

And found I couldn't get Linux to boot at all ARRRRRGGGHHHHH

Luckily I used Yast's repair tool and all is well again.

The Opensuse 10 alpha just got relaeased so I am downloaded the torrent now...maybe things will go better

wish me luck

Saturday, September 24, 2005

►► Internet Radio Talk Show -downloadable talk radio MP3s

I really like this site. I keep a few good talkradio style podcasts available for when I'm stuck in traffic on a plane etc.

These people have a nice catalog in RA Win media or mp3 format

Friday, September 23, 2005

Tweaking/hacking Firefox

I love Firefox. I love the fact that I don't get a million opo-ups a night. I love the customization at my fingertips. This is an awesome online guide for making firefox perfect for your needs

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Wooden iPod Dock on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Wooden iPod Dock on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Awesome DIY ipod dock I found wandering around the make flickr pool

another nice nano hack--this time an in-dash install

Hacking a ipod nano dock

I don't even have a nano but this is a good read. Something to think about when you buy accessories and want to connect the next iteration of ipod

Monday, September 19, 2005

Adding USB power to a Belkin tunecast

You really have to love Belkin. They have great products and they are pretty innovative. The tunecast is a great product but it is powered by aaa batteries. Brian Schanks came up with a nice solution

Nasa unveils it return to the moon plans

Looks exciting I hope it works out

Monday, September 12, 2005

nice DIY aux input hack for pioneer

Nice little article about adding an aux input to your pioneer stereo

Using Palm Zire with Linux

Nice writeup by Jim Hall on syncing his zire 71 to linux...I'm still having trouble with my tungsten C so I will be trying this out

Making things out of old AOL promo garbage

I had this old crappy AOL promo disk case in a box of stuff.

I also had a nice set of usb cable adapters that I was continuously trying to keep up with--they are so dsmall they are easily lost.

So in the best fast example of the MAKE mentality I brought the two together.

A little time and a little velcro and i have a usb adapter set that I not only won't lose...but will also be able to keep them in easy reach on any cd rack

Phillip Torrone of Make magazine reviews the Ipod nano

Great article about the ipod nano and what accessories work with it. I can't wait till the hackers start finding out what "else" this little machine will do

kudos to make magazine

Sunday, September 11, 2005

PC Power Supply

Andy Batts posted this earlier this year and it was linked on Hackaday.

How to build a desktop power supply from an old computer psu.

I've been building one...I'll post pics tomorrow

Truly a great pwr supply for experimenting...if you like making things

Not my opinion: Five reasons NOT to use Linux

Excellent article on using linux

Saturday, September 10, 2005

I just wanna download from my camera!!

I've spent a huge part of my day trying to get my camera and webcam working under linux. I read both work great under other distros so it's probably me.

I've got a post on alt.os.linux.suse as well as reading and re reading this

Anybody with suggestions on a GE easycam H098064 or Nikon Coolpix2000 plz let me know


Friday, September 09, 2005

Somebody else did a OS X x86 (Intel) - How-to

iPod nanoハードウェアレポート

Disassembled Ipod nano...who has time to do this already??

In "japanese" I think

Thanks to hackaday

iPod nanoハードウェアレポート

Save bandwidth use Dijjer

Dijjer is a neat your large files thru it and sab
ve bandwidth...I get no sponsorship but it really does seem like a neat tool

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Apple - iPod nano

Well I guess the 2 ipod minis in my house will become collectors items since the mini has been replaced with the ipod nano.

Flash memory versus HD--Okay...I'm ambivalant
Color screen--good
Higher price for 4 gig--good...not

Apple - iPod nano

Edd Dumbill's Weblog: Behind the Times

Very nice writeup on Lifedrive...I actually tried out a lifedrive today and I was quite impressed compared to my now aging Tungsten CLink

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Small Linux-Borne Light in Katrina's Aftermath

Linux's portability found to be helpful in the aftermath of Katrina,1895,1855727,00.asp

Put Firefox and all your links on a thumbdrive

ShouldExist || Good ideas, free for all!

Check this out!

Monday, September 05, 2005

MediaWiki - MediaWiki

If you haven't cked out wikipedia now is the time

MediaWiki - MediaWiki

nice in-car ipod install

Nice hackable connector for you ipod projects

Nice page showing how to hack a iTip B01 connector so you can connect to your ipod projects

Finally found my blog on Google

May not mean much to some...But I'm happy about it

Reasons to use Linux in your home

As I have stated before I have used Linux in my home for about half a year now full-time. Experimental years before don't count.

As I went thru an online update with Yast last nite I was going thru my mind what I am getting at low-cost and what it would cost if I used windoze.

  • First thing to note, which is hard to quantify, is peace of mind. I see all the new virus' coming out...all the trojans etc that take down so many computers. And I thankfully sit back and don't worry about it. I don't get spyware...I don't get virus and my computer doesnt slow down after a few weeks of use.
  • All the programs available
  1. Programming--I have several programming languages on my computer...priced those for Win?
  2. Office--What is Microsoft office $150?--Note OOo is avail for win
  3. The Gimp
  4. Audacity

I could go on and on...add what you think is great about Linux in comments plz

Build an computer drive bay for your ipod

Building a Balancing Scooter

Building a Balancing Scooter

Don't see me ever buying a segway...too many other toys to buy...but this is cool

A Pocket Headphone Amplifier

Homemade iPod Battery Pack

With two ipods in the house a more than a few empty altoid tins...this is my next project

Homemade iPod Battery Pack

'Islamic Trojan' disrupts smut surfing | The Register

Converting a cassette recorder into an ext H D

When I think about all the old junk I threw out in the past because I thought there was nothing I could use it for...

Gotta give it to this guy..wouldn't that ext HD look great next to an old apple case upgraded with new internal...
Kaufman’s Lab » Converting a vintage cassette recorder into an external Hard Drive

Free copy of Linspire -

Linspire formerly Lindows is offering a free copy of thier Linspire distro

Great to try if you want a more windoze like Linux distro

DIY High Altitude Glider Project

Very nice homebuilt glider launched by a ballon at high altititude...great for pictures science...whatever

Damn shame he used DOS tho...oh well

High Altitude Glider Project : Intro

James Ogley

A great contributor to SUSE Linux I will be adding this to the Links

James Ogley

Fer's blog...Fer seems to know quite a bit about GNOME...I don't use gnome but still

USB HotWheels Flash Drive Mod

Very cool little hotwheels car usbdrive

USB HotWheels Flash Drive Mod

In dash installation of a garage door opener

This guy did a fantastic job installing his garage door opener in his dash...very cool

North American Motoring - View Single Post - Aux. in install

thanks to hackaday

Linux Incompatibility List

Nice listLink so you can ck out all those pieces you want to buy and sure they work with Linux

Sunday, September 04, 2005

BetaNews | iPod Mini, Shuffle to Get Updates

BetaNews | iPod Mini, Shuffle to Get Updates

Great news if you're looking for a lower priced ipod...$69 for a 512k shuffle is awesome

Firefox 1.5 Beta Set for September 8

Love Firefox...looking forward to this


Very cool howto on bulding your own GPS

RCA LYRA and Linux

I needed an MP3 player for running...god knows it makes it easier (I really hate running) Anyway. There are several ipods in my house...none of them mine...they belong to the wife and kids and I didn't want to use those because I only wanted enough music to last 3 miles or so and it had to be durable also I didn't want to be too hurt if it got beat up.

I bought a LYRA RD2212 complete with FM radio and it has a few cardio features like a pulse taker etc.

As you can tell if you read my blog I want everything to work within Linux. I plugged it into my usb port and it immediatly showed up as a usb thumbdrive. loaded up 256k worth of 80s tunes and it was ready to go.

Not bad for $70

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Inventions and Ideas from Science Fiction Books and Movies at

Flying carpets star wars cannons...its all here...need you imagination fired up...go here

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Underwater cameras/computer systemsave pool girl from drowning

Taking Advantage Of Technology - Add a USB Port to your USB optical Mousey C

Taking Advantage Of Technology - Finding Online Webcams!

Taking Advantage Of Technology - Linksys WRT54G and WRT54GS Hacking

Taking Advantage Of Technology - Firefox Browser Hacking

PSP Hacks - Hacks, Mods, Cracks, Utilities, Homebrew. Hack Sony Play Station Portable

iPod Hacks :: The Latest and Greatest for Your iPod

TP: How NSA access was built into Windows